The Beatles


Legendary and unbelievable, bright and sincere this is – The Beatles

The band that changed the world music and became an icon of rock & roll music. They managed to touch millions of hearts then, now and always.

The Beatles is the most successful English band of the 1960s. The band consisted of 4 energetic and enthusiastic guys who were born in a beautiful city Liverpool. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr formed the most romantic band that was based on the 50s American rock & roll music. The group worked on their 50s and moved to rock ballads and even the most extravagant psychedelic rock. Their music was melodic, strong and highly inspiring. 

Unbelievable popularity turned into a massive obsession, which was soon called a “Beatlemania”.  They were recognized all over the world by fans and cultural observers as founders of a new sociocultural revolution era. 

Their team was changed once during their professional career. Stuart Sutcliffe left the ban in the 1961 and was replaced with Starr the same year. Their talent was approved by the most prominent manager of those times – Brian Epstein and was promoted by producer George Martin.

Their first single “Love me too” made them super popular in the United Kingdom, very soon their music was heard on every radio station all over Europe. The Beatles took a nickname “Fab Four” as the Beatlemania grew more and more. 

The year 1964 was one of the most prominent for the band as they become international stars.  They took a trip to the United States where they had a real blast. Their concert halls were over booked; screaming girls threw their clothes and cried rivers when they saw the famous four. 

After they conquered US they had almost no competition on the world musical stage. Their latest works are considered to be the most influential. Young guys grew into real men. The last albums were “Revolver”, “The Beatles” and “Abbey Road”

In the 1970s one of the greatest bands ever broke-up. Though all of them tried to perform single, only Lennon and McCartney could make it real. 

A great drama happened in New York, when in 1980 John Lennon was killed by a fan right in the middle of the street. Next one was Harrison, who died of cancer in 2001.

Starr remains active. He still performs ever loved The Beatles hits. Paul McCartney has celebrated his 70’s anniversary by getting married for the third time. He gives concerts all over the world for an hour and a half live.  

Though times have changed, The Beatles still remain one of the most popular rock groups in the world. Their music inspired numerous rock & roll and pop artists. Such music styles as indie and pop-rock are considered to be based on The Beatles music. 

Such phrases as “Happiness is a warm gun” or “All you need is love” are known to everybody even if they have never listened to The Beatles music. 

Beatlemania continues its existence. Each year there are more than 1000 tribute festivals held in every part of the globe. And there is no doubt that their music will be still valued in the future generation as they put their souls into it. 

Overall, there might be different opinions about The Beatles. They can be quoted, loved and hated but they cannot be ignored.