Attractions In England


England is doubtless one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It might be so because of its royal traditions, rich culture, and fascinating history or even because it is the country of the most spoken language in the world. In any case there is a lot to see, taste and feel in England and to assure you below is the list of the most famous English attractions.

The most prominent city in England is surely its capital. London is one of those cities that circulate life of the country. It is interesting that London has most of English attractions. Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Saint Paul’s cathedral, Wimble stadium and London’ Eye are a small part of London’s top places. There are also numerous interesting museums like museum of madam Tussah, and Sherlock Holmes house. It is also a place of London Coliseum Theater and a theater of Her Majesty.

Second most popular attraction in England mysterious construction is named Stonehenge.  One of the biggest European puzzles was built approximately 3500- 1100 B.C. Stonehenge is a circle of giant stones, according to scientists this place used to be a temple or a cemetery. Some scientists believe that Stonehenge is a prototype of our Solar system 120 thousand years ago. But biggest mystery of the place is how people who had no technical support could place more than a hundred stones together, with a total sum of more than 50 tones. All in all there are many theories about this place and maybe you will be the one to discover another one.

Surely there is a place for Royal palaces, which are highly visited by tourists. Kensington palace, Saint James palace and Clarence palace are the most popular. No wonder that the palaces are architectural masterpieces as they were built in order to fulfill the needs of the most important people in the country – English royal family.

England is also famous for its unpredictable nature and Dover’s While Rocks are the best example of it.  A so-called key to England is situated in on the boarder of Eland and France, which explains the importance of the place in marine terms. The snow-white rocks are situated on the 114 meters above the sea level, hiding another brilliant construction – Dover’s Castle. The rocks are nicely covered with calicoes, and hundreds of adventurous stories, songs and ballads. 

Our list ends with two wonderful cities that represent English education and science, these cities are Oxford and Cambridge. Both cities are known because of their fabulous universities that are not only the oldest but the wealthiest in the world. Competitors in education are also competitors in tourism. Being the oldest city, Oxford stands for the most visited while Cambridge has the biggest amount of students.

To be honest, the list of English Attractions is almost endless.  It might be because of the people who glorified the country in many spheres like sport, music, literature and politics. Or maybe because the country has its own spirit, which makes us want to explore it more and more.