Bath is the city in the southwestern part of England boasting numerous cultural and historical attractions.It is located 150 km from London. With about 4 million people visiting the city every year, Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the Georgian era Bath was extremely popular as a spa town. Nowadays it is a stunning destination with the only natural hot springs in Great Britain, the Royal Crescent fascinating Georgian architecture, museums, theaters and universities.

The only fact that the whole city of Bath is awarded a title of UNESCO World Heritage Site should give you a clue that the city is extremely loved by tourists from different countries. Thus the Bath’s major source of money is tourism. The Royal Crescent is one of the top tourist attractions in Bath. It was designed by John Wood the Younger and is represented by 30 houses making up a crescent. Very often it was used as a location for a lot of TV programs and movies. It is considered to be the best example of Georgian architecture in England. For over 200 years it has been a home to the most notable and outstanding people of the country. In 2010 Google ranked the Royal Crescent the second in the "Britain's Most Picturesque Street" survey after the Shambles in York.

Another must–see attraction in Bath is Thermal Spa. Experience the rich mineral waters like Romans did for more than two thousand years. The pool has an open rooftop that allows you to enjoy the incredible view of the city.
If you are a fan of fashion, don’t miss the Fashion Museum. It will tell you the history of clothing trends; there you can even try a corset on to experience the spirit on the 18th century England. Jane Austen is the most famous Bath’s resident. The city nowadays houses the Jane Austen Center which is very popular among visitors.

If you are traveling with kids and they are too energetic, take them to the Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park in Keynsham. It is a perfect day out for the whole family. The kids will meet alpacas and other animals. If you want your children to see an interesting play, visit the Egg – Theatre.

Bath also boasts of interesting festivals and events held throughout the year. Among the most famous ones are the Horse Trials, the Bath Comedy Festival and the Bath Literature Festival.
When you done with sightseeing, go shopping as Bath is all about finding your own way amongst different kinds of shops and boutiques.