English Cuisine


“Every cook praises his own broth” – English proverb says. One cannot say that English cuisine is bad as it is very rich by its gastronomic flavors. The magnificent culinary scene is so variable that even you may be puzzled what to taste. Thus, Dining in London can be the best experience you have ever had.

English  Breakfast

When the sun rises, British people are having traditional breakfast that includes bacon, sausages, eggs, beans and tasty toasts with traditional tea or coffee that is served with milk. For a dessert, it can be croissants or black pudding with jam.

British dining is not complete without ceremony of drinking tea. Tea plays a vital role for British nationality. In fact, London is known as a city of tea lovers. The magnificent tea ceremony was born many centuries ago, but is still widely popular throughout the country. Drinking traditional tea, you will feel the spirit of magnificent culture, customs, and history. While you are in London, do like the Queen does, when Big Band strikes five, it is time to drink British tea. Weather you are at home, or at teahouse, you will definitely enjoy the tea ceremony.

When it comes to traditional British food, you may be even confused by the widest selection of delicates. Let’s be honest, British cuisine is not so rich as European, but still has what to offer.
International Influence on traditional cuisine left its trace as well. It was influenced by Asia, India and European countries.

Thus, English cuisine has changed dramatically. Thanks to international culinary influences, curry is even more popular dish than chips or fish in London now. On large scale, British food is based on pork, beef, fish and chicken usually with such side dish as potato and vegetables. Like Americans, British people are sandwich lovers. But they are more careful with fast food rather than Americans.

British Sunday Dinner

Traditional British dinner is like American family one. It usually comes with a piece of roast pork or beef, served with cabbages and potato. British dining is not complete without brilliant Yorkshire pudding. English people can not live without roast potatoes and chips, it is probably the most popular dish that in old times was wrapped in newspaper. The most hidden secret about British cuisine is that chips as well as fish must be eaten with salt. It sounds a little bit strange for other nationalities.

Traditional British Dishes

It is  hard to describe traditional British gastronomy; the best option is to taste. Probably, mash and bangers is the best dish, known as sausages, usually served with onions, tomatoes, vegetables, mash potato.  It is known as a winter meal. Other popular dish is Shepherd’s Pie that is worth tasting. If you love sweets, you should try traditional desserts, trifle, spotted dick pudding and of course jam rolly polly.

British Bread

Whether it is breakfast or dinner, British bread is a must on the table. Bread and butter are always served while dining. Taking all into consideration, while you are discovering Buckingham Palace or Big Ban or whatever else, undoubtedly you must taste the flavors of British cuisine. You will never be tired of London, as it offers even more things to do that you can even manage.