English Pubs


England is a country of a fine music, rebel minds and tons of interesting places. In addition, it is a place of joy and adventures.
Despite its Royal heritage, its citizens are known to the world as the loudest football fans and the biggest beer lovers. 
England was one of the first countries in the world to develop beer culture. Initially it was called “Ale” and “porter”. The name “beer” was popularized a couple centuries ago. It was originally drunk on a religious holiday. Even later one of the sorts of beer was called “Church ale”. The money from the sold beer was donated to monasteries and churches.

Right now England and Great Britain altogether is one of the biggest beer drinkers in the world. The countries that can be compared to them are Czech Republic and Australia. So it’s obvious that there are thousands and thousands of places where you can taste this delicious drink.

These places are called pubs. Of course restaurants, cafes and even canteens also serve this beverage but if you want to get the real one you will have to look for an original English/ Irish pub.

If to talk about London, we should mention its special proud – “ale”, most famous sorts are called “Special Bitter”, “Fuller” and “London Pride”. Great places to try these are placed throughout the capital, most famous are: “Princess of Ale”, “Polar bear” and the famous football fan’s pub “Chelsea Potter”.

Some other cities prefer to have a bit different sorts that vary from London beer feasters. For example Manchester city like “Boddington”, which is the hardest and the bitterest ale in the country with an alcoholic concentration of 10%. They also like porter beer – a dark one, which is believed to be discovered in 1720 by Ralf Harwood. It is alternatively known as a loader’s beer as they were the first to try it. The best pubs in Manchester are the ones that work the longest, they are: “Mr. Thomas Chop House”, “The Circus Tavern” and “The Old Monkey”.

Strong sorts of beer have a special place in the list of the best beers in England. Such sorts are called “Stout”. The first place is occupied by Irish stout called “Guinness”.  This beer is known all over the world, it is also one of the dearest beers in England so many people now think of it as an English one. It can be tried in any English pub, and, if you want to add some history to it, you can visit the oldest pub in the country called “Bingley Arms”, which was built in 905. It has its own long lasting traditions, such as the one when a barman rings a bell in ten minutes to 11, so everybody knows that the pub is about to close.

English pubs are working strictly until 11 o’clock, except for the London ones. All places are working on a self-service. Beer is drunk by a pint, which is 0,57 liters. There are no regulations or rules how you should be dressed, you can get as much alcohol as you want or even come there in order to read a newspaper.