Official language of England is of course English. England is a motherland of the most popular language of the world.
The history of English is closely connected with the history of England. When Romans left British Isles they took Latin with them. Local settlements continued to use Celt languages. Several years later the islands were occupied by Angles and Saxons who brought their own dialects that were close to German.

Britons just like the conquerors spoke Indo-European languages but British language was more close to Celtic than to German one. Then English was highly influenced by Vikings, these tribes spoke Northern German and were coming from Norway, Swiss and Denmark. Another great wave of “guests” were Normans who represented Scandinavia but settled in Northern France and spoke French dialect.

Together it is possible to say that English is a combination of Celtic, German and French dialects, together with Latin they formed English, the language that is spoken in every part of the world and is an official language of at least 7 countries.
It is important to mention that English language was strongly influenced by writers, especially by Shakespeare. It is believed that the world famous writer created around 2 000 words like puppy dog, dauntless and besmirch.

As English started to spread around the world, it stopped to develop its grammar but it continues to change even today. Britons conquered and simply settled around the world having given its culture and language to other nationalities. This way American, Australian, Pakistan, Indian and many other types of English appeared in the language family. All of them vary only by their pronunciation and some words, the grammar and the usage of words remained the same.

England speaks English with various dialects. English dialects are divided into regions in the country:

Cockney is one of the most famous English dialects in the country. It is spoken by working-class citizens, especially in the east-end. There are several things that characterize cockney dialect: particular pronunciation, incorrect speech and rhymed slang. Typical cockney can be identified by omission of a sound- «not 'alf» instead of «not half», pronouncing [θ] as [f] like «bover» instead of «bother» and many more.

Another famous English dialect is called “scouse” which is an informal but quite spread nickname of Liverpool citizens. It is characterized by a rapid and stressed speech with diapason that rise and fall unordinary for English language. It is melodic in Southern part and shorter in the Northern part. These differences can be noticed in constantans pronunciation. The usage of [uː] used to be common for all the country and nowadays is only used by scouses, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This dialect was used by various famous English such as The Beatles, Spice Girls, Joe Barton and Wayne Runny.

English continues to change but most important thing is it's becoming more and more popular around globe. It is one of the most important skills when applying for a job and it is studied in many countries as the first foreign language.