“If you are tired of London it means that you are tired of life” - this is how famous English writer Samuel Johnson explained the great city of all times. The city literally has it all: ancient historical buildings and skyscrapers, fancy restaurants and little cozy cafes, large museums and world-class theaters, fashion boutiques, Queen and wild punk rockers.

London was established in 43 A.D. on the Northern bank of the river Thames. This place was previously occupied by Celt settlements that were driven away by Roman warriors. After Norman invasion, in 1066 London became a royal residence and an official capital of England. After a Great Fire which took place in 1666, London was rapidly rebuilt into the city that we are honored to see today.

Present London is one of the most visited cities in the world. Each year it attracts millions of visitors not only from Great Britain but from all over the world. The capital has countless attractions, most of which were added to the list of UNESCO World heritage. Big Ben, Tower, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham palace and Trafalgar Square have become buzz words that are known and recognized in any country. 

London became home for 7 million people that don’t live in unknown suburbs but in former towns that used to compose the city in Westminster and other districts that managed to save their historical look: Melbourne, Kensington, Hampstead, here central streets mixed with historical monuments that remind about those people who established glorying London.
The home city of Sherlock Holmes has moderate climate. It is often called a foggy Albion because London witnesses rain almost every day.

City of London is the oldest part of the capital, it is a so-called a core city. This part has the most prominent building like English Bank, Old Bailey, City Hall and beautiful St. Paul cathedral and numerous other churches. Destroyed buildings are now replaced with modern concrete and glass skyscrapers, in particularly, a building of a new town-hall. In the southern part, on the banks of the river Thames lays famous London Tower that was established by Wilhelm the Conqueror as a tower. Lately it was numerously reconstructed into a royal residence and then into a prison. Today, this place works as a museum that has different royal treasures. Right in front of the Tower, across Themes there is a famous Tower Bridge- one of the most beautiful bridges in England and in the whole Europe.

Apart from the main attractions, London has many interesting spots like Greenwich which is closely connected to British marine. This place is famous as a zero reference location for all time belts of the globe. 

One more place that is worth visiting is a Soho (South of Houston street) which has an abundance of nightclubs, restaurants and cozy historical cafes where you can try any cuisine.

Not far from Soho there is a small but very attractive square Piccadilly Circus where professional and street musician perform romantic melodies.

To the South from Soho there placed Covent Garden that has fashion boutiques, theaters and world famous Royal Opera House. A little bit to the North there is a British museum that has a wonderful collection of antic art.