Cultural Life of London

London is the most visited city of the Great Britain and the center of different cultural events and touristic spots.

London can not be London without its museums, fantastic festivals, and of course tasty delights.

London is not only the largest cosmopolitan city, but also home to such top 10 attractions of London as Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, magnificent Big Ben and even more than you can expect. The cultural city counts over 300 different nationalities.

London has 300 art galleries and 150 theatres that are worth discovering. It can be the best destination for exploring cultural and historical side of London. For art lovers, British Museum is one of the top museums in London to discover around four million exhibitions. While the Victoria and Albert museum has to offer the largest collection of sculptures, crafts and ceramics.

Apart from museums, there are a lot of theatres that go back to Shakespeare’s time. To explore theatrical art, The West End, National Theatre Co, Royal Shakespeare Co as well as the Old Vic are the places to do it at best.

When talking about festivals and carnivals, London is the city where hundreds of colorful events are annually held. British people really know how to celebrate national holidays. This city is definitely not complete without famous events, live shows, and of course the busiest nightlife. The following popular events can help you understand British culture:

Cambridge Folk Festival   

It is known as one of the most famous music festival in London, that is celebrated for three days in July. The day of celebration goes back to 1964, and it is still very popular around the country. Annually, the festival hosts famous British artists, and the participants from all over the country.

Birmingham Jazz Festival

It is one of the biggest jazz festivals in London, held in July with live performances and best jazz music.

Whisky Live London event

It is a holiday of a lot of fun and joy, which is celebrated in May, gives the chance not only to discover a long history of whisky drink but even taste around hundreds of varieties of whisky.

St Patrick's Day

The whole city celebrated St Patrick’s Day on 17 of March. Guinness is the most famous beer on this day. Originally, the festival came from Ireland, but is very popular today in London.

City of London Festival

It is known as a national art festival, celebrated for three weeks in June. Here you can enjoy different kinds of music, including pop, jazz, hip-hop, live shows. Like Brazil, London has Notting Hill Carnival that is probably the best festival and the biggest one, held in August. It takes place next to the beautiful river Thames. Around, you can find millions of dancing, singing and having fun people. Anyone can attend this festival as the entrance is free.

In addition, London is very famous by its strange festivals such as Kent festival, Rochester or the Greta Gorilla Run festival that is known as a new festival, that was created in 2003. Today, you can be a witness of this enigmatic festival in September. Feel free to participate, as the entrance is absolutely free of charge. On this day, the participants are dressed in gorilla costumes and run with hundreds of other gorillas through the streets of London, earning money for particular Gorilla organization. In this way they try help to save gorillas in the world.  It can be the funniest festival, as you can have the chance to see the gorilla running over Tower Bridge.

New Year's Day Parade

Like other countries, London celebrates New Year on 1 January. The colorful celebration starts when Big Ban strikes 12. Thousands of participants fill the streets of London, they cheer and drink celebrating the start of a new year. The night finishes with beautiful fireworks.

FA Cup Final

It can be the best experience for any soccer fan, it is usually held in the Wembley Stadium in May.