London Restaurants


London offers a huge range of elite restaurants.  It hosts traditional restaurants, business, romantic, and of course budget restaurants. London is definitely a real paradise for gourmet lovers. A fabulous city offers whatever your soul desires from Mediterranean choices to exotic varieties of Brazil dishes, prepared by well-known chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. 

While you are in London, you may enjoy oysters, seafood and best champagne. The prices are really eye-watering. It is hard to describe the best restaurants in London because the list is endless. London indeed has a lot to offer.

Romantic Restaurants

Who say that Paris is the city of romance? London is definitely the one where: “Romance never dies”.  It is also renowned as the city of love, thanks to its lovely restaurants.  For those who are in love, or look for an enigmatic feeling, London is probably the best place to make your dreams come true. Here, Big Ban stops to strike, until someone finds a soulmate.  Thus, London romantic restaurants with cozy atmosphere are probably the best place to find it. The place like this is Andrew Edmunds that is known as the finest romantic restaurant in the city, an intimate atmosphere, wooden furniture, colorful candles surely make the particular restaurant an ideal place for a romantic dining. Coming here, you will fall in love with classic British dishes. Here, you may taste delicious sauces, fresh fish, roast meat and yummy dessert. This good restaurant can be found in Lexington Street, 46.


Passing the Richmond road, you should not miss a magnificent L’auberge restaurant.  It is perhaps a favorite French restaurant among citizens. It offers a fantastic menu that is featured with wide selection of French dishes, including veal, foie gras and surely frog’s legs.  For those who can not live without sweets, Crème brulee can be the best choice as it is really mouth-watering. In addition, the restaurant offers home delivery. The choice is up to you.

Oxo Tower Restaurant

Dining at Oxo Tower Restaurant, you may enjoy the breathtaking views of a cosmopolitan city. It offers live music, classic menu and a wide selection of cocktails. It is well-known as one of the best romantic restaurants. For couples, the restaurant has the finest wine selection of 800 varieties.  The décor is very cute; the staff is pleasant and helpful. The prices can be slightly expensive, but it worth spending a coin. It can be found in Barge House Street.


For summer dining, Belvedere is definitely the best option. This amazing restaurant can be found in the central part of Holland Park. Michael Winner and Madonna were married in this place. It is a very popular destination among a lot of sweethearts. It offers modern French as well as European cuisine. For the couples in love they serve special dishes such as sea bass, traditional roasts, smoked meat and yummy desserts. To make the atmosphere more romantic, wine can be an ideal choice that will make your heart beats 180 per minute.

Alain Ducasse

It is known as the most popular restaurant all over the world, awarded with 15 stars. It offers a cozy atmosphere and French spectacular dishes that impress you with a wonderful taste.  Alain Ducasse is considered as one of the most expensive restaurants in London. Paying around $100, you will never feel sorry as the service and French delicacies are definitely worth it.  It can be found at the Dorchester.

Le Gavroche

With times, some restaurants changed dramatically, but fortunately Le Gavroche escaped this fate, it always was and is the best restaurant. Famous chef Michel Roux always has what to offer to his visitors, he  serves modern French dishes that are unique by its taste. The history of Le Gavroche goes back to 60s, though it still preserved a luxury style till our days.


For adventurous lovers, this restaurant is definitely the best option to enjoy the height and panoramic view of gorgeous London. It is located on the 28th floor, offering amazing traditional French meal. Despite the high-cost dishes, it still remains the best restaurant in London. It can be a good restaurant for a date or romantic dinner. The table should be booked in advance, as it can be very crowded, especially on weekend. For those who still wonder where to spend the anniversary of wedding or to make  a proposal, Galvin restaurant is definitely the best place.