There is only one Queen that is as famous as Queen Elizabeth in England it is a rock band, formed in 70s in London that shocked the whole world to the core.  You probably guessed that these are music revolutionaries Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor and brilliant Freddie Mercury.

As it was said the band was formed in 1970s in a British capital. The story says that it were May and Taylor who formed the band. Back than it was named "Smile" and the world famous voice Mercury was a great fan of the group. It was him, who encouraged "Smile" to experiment with their music and style images. Freddie Mercury joined the band very soon, he also changed the name of the band into "Queen" and changed his stage name from Farrokh Bulsara into Freddie mercury as we all know it today.

The fame of the "Queen" started in England. It was after they released their first album that had a homonymous name as their band, in 1973 the year when they were a buzz word for every English. Their music was new and interesting so they very fast  got the attention of producers from all over the world. Next year they released "Queen II" which brought them fame in all of the United Kingdom.

The following albums "Sheer heart Attack" and "A Night at the Opera" were equally stunning, the last one was the first to become a platinum album.

Queen gained international success in 1976 when they toured in the USA and Japan. If to say about the USA reaction, it was very close to the one that was brought up by The Beatles, putting Queen to the list of top 20 bands in the UK. The following year they released "A Day at the Races" that was sold in 50 000 copies, which brought a lot of rumors about the members of the group so Queen gave a free concert to a crowd of 20 000 people in Hyde Park in London. The album was absolutely huge and the 2 following tours in the USA affirmed that with a latter featured "Bohemian Rhapsody" stayed for 9 weeks at number 1 in the UK Single Chart.

2 more singles "We Are The Champions" and "We Will Rock You" made an international blast, becoming most recognizable anthems in the world till present days. In 1984 "Radio Gaga" and "I Want to Break Free" became worldwide hits, taking first place in 19 countries' charts. Next year they performed at the biggest, legendary concert in the world - Live Aid at Wimbledon stadium, which is still the largest rock concert in the musical history.

On November, 23 Freddie Mercury announced to the whole world that he had incurable disease AIDS, next day he died peaceful at home surrounded by his friends and family. In 1992 Freddie was posthumously awarded with the most prestigious prize "For outstanding contribution into the world's music". He became the most high lost in the musical world by now. 

The band have released 18 number one albums and singles. The band's sales are estimated in 300 million albums, which puts them to the list of the world most selling rock bands. Those singles that were undone by Freddie were finished by Brian, John and Roger with DVD of Mercury and performed at Wimbledon stadium.

Although there is nobody who could become more interesting, passionate, sincerely and simply real as Freddie Mercury, Queen continues its work, inviting various singers to make a tribute to the musical master and possibly to warn people about AIDS plague.