Sport in England


Sport in England can be easily described in one word- football. For English it is not a game, it is a national passion. Though there are facts that this kind of sport was established in China, it was England who made this game real.

Football came to England in the XIX century. And since then it is the most popular type of sport in the country. It is played watched and even listened by millions of English every day. Together there are more 200 clubs. Such clubs as Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are not only known but followed by millions of fans all over the world. English Premier League is believed to be watched the most. As for English National team, it is important to mention that is one of the world oldest teams. The first game was held between England and Scotland on March 5, 1870. English team is one of the strongest in Europe. It became a world champion in 1966 and came third in EURO Championship in 1968.

Football is not the only type of sport in England. The word “sport” itself is English. Such types as rugby, polo, box, golf, crocket, tennis and shuffleboard were established in England.

  • Polo
    Polo is a sport of English elite and it doesn’t not only concern the size of a wallet. Polo requires aristocratic background and prorated education. One starts to play polo in Ithon and Midfield and then continue his education in Cambridge. Polo is a great passion of royal family. One of the most prominent polo players was Churchill; his personal record is 6 out of ten.
  • Rugby
    The first to create rugby ball was shoe manufacturer William Gilbert. It was a bladder that was sewed around with sheep skin which explains its oval form. This type of sport is highly popular in England. English clubs are successfully performing in Heineken Cup also known as European Cup. English championship – Guinness Cup and Seltic league are very famous, each game is selling all the tickets. But the biggest event is World championship which is held every four years.
  • Golf
    England is golf’s motherland. There numerous amazing golf grounds like Belfry and Saint Andrews. Each year they host world championships. English open golf championship is held annually, every July and is the oldest golf competition.
  • Tennis, badminton, squash
    These types of sport are very popular in England. Sure, tennis is the most famous. Probably everybody heard about Wimbledon which is the biggest tennis championship. The first tennis players were churchmen and not only students but aged churchmen too. Badminton is considered to be one of the English national sport. The country has recently gained great success in world badminton competitions. The biggest achievement was a silver medal Gel Amms and Nathan Robertson in 2004. Squash is extremely popular in England. It is close to tennis but it requires rather strong physical culture. The speed of the ball can get to 200 km/hour.