Top Famous English Bands and Singers


England, and the other countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, have produced many bands, groups, and musicians over the years. Of course, perhaps the most famous of all English pop groups remains the four Liverpool lads who created the world famous pop group – the Beatles. There have been scores of other musical entertainers from England, however, that all also deserve recognition and accolades for their musical success. Some have managed to achieve worldwide fame, whilst others are mainly popular within England. 

Different musical genres are represented in English music, and fans of almost any style will surely find something great to listen to amongst England’s musical talent.

Reality TV Shows such as X Factor, Britain’s got Talent, Pop Idol, and Popstars, have all helped to create household names and superstars from hundreds of hopefuls.

Cities such as Liverpool and Manchester are well known for their offerings to the music industry, and there are also a great many groups that come from the country’s capital city of London.

Manchester has given the world the Happy Mondays, with their rave tunes and crazy dances by Bez, the incredibly popular group The Smiths, fronted by Morrisey, and brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher with the massive. The Ting Tings exploded onto the music scene with their catchy “That’s not my Name” then faded, almost as quickly as they came. A Manchester group that is not fading in popularity is the enormous Stone Roses. In their heyday they managed to blend rock, pop, and some of the trippiness of other local bands to appeal to a more mainstream following. Joy Division was set for stardom, until the tragic suicide of leading member Ian Curtis. The remaining band members, however, reformed as New Order, known for the massive track Blue Monday, and went on to achieve great acclaim. 

Liverpool has produced The Coral, The Boo Radley’s, The Farm, the Zutons, and more.

Amongst the most well known of England’s groups and singers, one must include the huge global sensation that was Queen, with iconic tracks such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Someone to Love, Under Pressure, Another One Bites the Dust, and We Will Rock You. Elton John hails from England, and has achieved worldwide success as well as being a massive figure in the gay rights movement. Known for his often eccentric outfits and selection of crazy sunglasses, Elton John is not only a terrific singer but also a fantastic piano player.

A common question amongst Brits is “the Beatles or the Stones?”  This refers to the fact that the Rolling Stones are considered to be just as big as the Beatles, although appealing to a different group of music lover. Known as the original bad boys of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Rolling Stones were extremely influential and popular back in the day.

The Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, One Direction, and McFly are amongst the commercial pop groups of recent years.
Perhaps one of the most shocking English groups is The Sex Pistols. Screaming sounds of anarchy and dissent, lyrics included: “Dentist search their teeth for gold / Frisk the Jews for bank notes rolled / When they found out what they got / Line them up and shoot the lot”, “She was a girl from Birmingham/ She just had an abortion”, and “God save the queen / The fascist regime / They made you a moron / Potential H-bomb / God save the queen / She ain't no human being / There is no future / In England's dreaming”.

David Bowie covers the space-rock genre perfectly, and The Kinks are often said to speak directly to the soul. The Who are well known for smashing up guitars and the screams of Roger Daltrey. A firm favourite on the band circuit in their heyday, The Who are amongst the top bands from England.  Radiohead have a unique sound, and Dizzee Rascal manages to combine hip hop and dance to create a really groovy sound. Birmingham’s Duran Duran were massive within the new romantic movement.  Led Zeppelin, with their famous Stairway to Heaven, were legends once upon a time. 

The Clash, Pulp, Blur, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Small Faces, Roxy Music, Muse, Keane, Gomez, Gorillaz, the Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, and The Specials are other English bands.  Also, T-Rex, Coldplay, and the Arctic Monkeys, who had the fastest selling debut album in the UK’s history. A favourite (relative) newcomer is Mumford and Sons.  The late Amy Winehouse, with her melodic and soulful sound, was from England, as is the ever popular Adele. Kate Bush has a very distinctive sound and truly unique style. 

There are so many more talented artists to come from England; it is a country with a very active and skilful music scene.