Top Things To Do in London


Such great city as London with 7,5 million residents is well-known all over the world thanks to its red double-decker buses, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. But there are many more attractions in the city you shouldn’t miss so here are the top things to do when in London:

Ride the London Eye

London Eye is a pretty big wheel consisting of glass capsules able to fit up to 25 people. It will take you to the heights of 135 meters enabling you to enjoy the fascinating view of the whole city. It moves 0.9 kilometers per hour and never stops. It will take you approximately thirty minutes to get back down. 

Visit the Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe is the place shouldn’t miss if you a fan of his plays and a theater-goer. According to modern standards the theater is considered to be small, but it still retains its spirit even though it was destroyed during the Great Fire and reconstructed much later. Under the theater there is a space called Under Globe. Here you will find out about the Globe of Shakespeare’s times and many secrets of the theater.

Observe the Tower Bridge

The well-known Tower Bridge is one of the city’s major landmarks. This bridge over the river Thames consists of two tied together towers. The bridge was built to cope with the increasing traffic and trade. By mistake the bridge is sometimes referred to as a London Bridge which is the next one upstream.

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament are also referred to as a Palace of Westminster and house the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  Westminster Hall is claimed to be the oldest part of the buildings and dates back to 1097. Houses of Parliament are open to public and everyone willing to see them can do so.

Climb the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral

No matter how many times you have visited London the elegance and charm of legendary St. Paul’s Cathedral always take your breath away. Climb the world’s largest dome of the Cathedral and experience the acoustic of Whispering gallery.

Don’t miss changing of the guard

A visit to London will not be complete without seeing the changing of the guard – famous military tradition. At 11.30 a.m every day the Queen’s Guard changes inside the gates of Buckingham Palace. Try to get there a bit earlier to see the spectacle from outside the front gates.

Stroll through Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park is one of the Royal Parks of London and is one of the largest in the center of London. It is contiguous with Kensington Gardens. They were separated in 1728. Hyde Park is open throughout the year from 5 a.m till midnight while Kensington Gardens close at dusk. 

Explore the British Museum

The museum exhibits eye-catching artifacts from the world's greatest civilizations. A visit to British Museum will allow you to travel through time and space, to satisfy your historical curiosity and to enrich your knowledge.

Visit Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Museum is located on the Baker Street where the fictional detective character Sherlock Holmes lived. It is fully dedicated to the life of the famous detective. It includes Holmes’ personal belongings such as magnifying glass and deerstalker hat. Among Dr. Watson’s thing is his diary.

Go to Smithfield Pub Crawl

Smithfield – is the part of London that never sleeps. Many pubs here work till the early hours in the morning serving pints to its visitors. Here is the perfect place to try different pubs to find something for yourself