Top Zoos in England


There are several great zoos across England, each home to a wide number of animals, nice walks, and other attractions. They offer the perfect family day out for all. Most zoos in England run conservation programs, and many offer visitors the chance to sponsor one of their animals.

London Zoo

London Zoo is a large conservation zoo. It is a home to over 650 different species. There are many animals to observe, colourful birds, fish, reptiles, and more. There is a large monkey enclosure, designed to replicate the Bolivian Rainforest. You can see the penguins and the lions being fed – both great experiences.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is one of the country’s biggest zoos, and it works hard at conservation. There are over 400 different species in the zoo, and there are also nice gardens and play areas for children to enjoy. Around 50 per cent of the animals you see in the zoo are threatened or endangered. The Bat House allows you to wander through a gloomy bat cave – see and feel bats whizzing past your face. Another favourite is Tsavo – The Black Rhino Experience. The chimps have a wonderful glass cased play area where you can watch them playing on tires, swinging from ropes, and generally being mischievous! You can watch various animals being fed – times are posted by the zoo entrance.

Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo is home to over 400 different species, ranging from tiny bugs to big cats. As well as observing the well looked after animals, you can take the Zoolympics Trail - try and beat the animal record breakers if you can!

Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire is another large English Zoo. Take a drive through the safari area, Passage Through Asia, or hop on the Jumbo Express train to see the animals up close with no boundaries. Elephants, rhinos, and lions, are amongst the zoos popular sights.  At Sea Lion Splash you can watch the clever sea lions do tricks. Take a stroll around Cheetah Rock, and see animals that used to live in the wild in England many years ago at the terrific Wild, Wild Whipsnade. You can see many birds, insects, reptiles, fish, and more.  The Children’s Farm is great for the little ones, and you can see various livestock creatures. There are shows and feedings throughout the day.

Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire has over 900 animals. A Borneo Longhouse leads to a jungle pathway, where you can see exotic birds and animals. Here are large landscaped aquatic gardens.

Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo is surrounded by lush sub-tropical gardens. Within the zoo you will encounter many of the world’s endangered species.  The zoo focuses strongly on conservation. There is a new penguin enclosure, home to many cute penguins.

Banham Zoo

At Banham Zoo you can enjoy great displays of birds of prey, as well as presentations of various animals in the Heritage Stables. There are over 1,000 animals in beautiful parklands and gardens.  

Dudley Zoo

Dudley Zoo houses some of the rarest and largest animals in Europe. The ruins of a magnificent 11th century castle watch over the zoo, giving it that something extra. At Monkey Tails you can take a wander through various types of monkeys, getting up close and personal. They include marmosets and squirrel monkeys.

Marwell Wildlife

Marwell Wildlife is set within a 140 acre park and it is home to over 250 different species. See the various creatures in really lovely landscaped areas. The zoo carries out active conservation work.

Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park in East Sussex is a hit with small children. It is a small zoo but contains many low level viewing points into the natural animal areas and great children’s play areas and attractions. Kids can take the Thomas and Friends train around the zoo, enjoy a fun Amazon Adventure, and more.

Other zoos in England include Blackpool Zoo, Colchester Zoo, and the excellent zoo within Chessington World of Adventures.  Other examples of animal attractions include safari parks, such as the top class Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool, aquariums, small farm parks, and others. You can find a zoo or an animal attraction close to almost every major town and city in England, and they offer superb fun for all the family.